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We offer global services for quality translation and interpreting, within the deadlines set by our clients and at truly competitive prices.

Since the foundation of the LINGO LANGUAGE CLUB company, we have been working as a translation and interpreting agency. Our aim is to offer indispensable services for a globalised economic world, where firms need written and spoken translations of the highest quality, to ensure that their projects have a competitive advantage over their rivals.

That is why we are a team of highly-qualified and experienced native translators in the world of translation. We are specialists in commercial translation: websites, publications, magazines, brochures, catalogues, etc. We can also carry out technical and specialised translations for more specific professional fields.

We do not do literal translations. Our translations are written correctly in the chosen language so that a native reader will not only understand every word, but the context will also not appear to have been translated from another language.

We strive to inspire full confidence in our work. Our clients want to communicate ideas and we have to put them across in the most optimum way.

We can carry out specialised translations due to the fact all our translators are natives and have extensive professional experience. We continuously implement quality controls to ensure that the expectations of our clients are fulfilled.

We offer the most competitive prices on the market.

Our translations are always carried out by specialised native translators in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian and Italian.

We are demanding, meticulous and perfectionists. We throw ourselves into our clients' projects to make them ours. We are also professional, reliable and responsible.

Lingo Language Club is a modern translation agency, we pursue the highest quality in our work, carrying out as swiftly as possible and at the lowest price.

*Price for Spain.